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Mission:  The Kansas Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (KABVI) strives to increase the independence, opportunity, and quality of life for all blind and visually impaired Kansans.  KABVI encourages and supports blind and visually impaired Kansans in finding their place among their sighted peers. 

Policy Approval:  This policy is approved by the Board of Directors of the Kansas Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Policy Statement:  It is our policy that every individual who comes into contact with KABVI shall be treated equally and with respect regardless of

        Gender, gender reassignment, or sexual orientation

       Disability (physical, mental, learning disabilities, or other limitations that may not fall into the legal definition of disability (such as frailty).   

       Race, color, ethnicity,  or national origin


       Religion or belief

       Marital, social, economic status or responsibility for dependants

Commitments:  KABVI commits to

        Advocacy for

o       quality rehabilitative training for individuals who become blind as adults

o       making assistive technology available to Kansans

o       quality special education at the Kansas State School for the Blind as well as in the public education programs

o       consultation to private agencies that provide services to people with blindness and visual impairment

o       legislation needed to assist visually impaired and blind individuals in achieving equality and productivity in our Kansas society.

        Services:  KABVI commits to providing quality services, within its financial and membership capabilities, in the areas of

o       Information and referral

o       Quarterly news magazine

o       Benefits advocacy

o       Scholarships

o       Assistive technology

o       Rehabilitative training

o       Youth activities.


Since 1920, the Kansas Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired has served Kansas citizens who are blind and visually impaired   It is an organization of volunteers with but one full-time and one part-time paid employee.  KABVI believes that every person who becomes severely visually impaired or blind deserves the assistance necessary to regain or retain independence as a productive member of society.  No individual who needs such assistance as the organization is able to provide will be turned away. 


April 6, 2011